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Two of the most important time for a deep cleaning are when you move in and out of your home. When moving in it is best to remove all of the potential neglect that was left behind from the prior occupant and thoroughly sanitize the rooms prior to moving in your belongings. Clenz specializes in these types of deep cleanings to ensure that our cleanings to ensure our clients are provided a fresh and new beginning.

In addition to move in cleanings, move out cleanings are equally as important. It is a proven fact that move out cleanings can ensure a larger portion of your security deposit returned, so a smaller strategic investment can wind up saving you more money in the final stage. We at Clenz know how to address the fine details so that you can have a piece of mind knowing that you won't lost any of your security deposit based on the cleanliness of your home.

Move in/Move out checklist:


  • interior/exterior cabinets
  • interior drawers
  • interior/exterior refrigerator
  • Top of Fridge
  • interior/exterior stove and broiler drawer
  • remove knobs off stove clean and put back knobs
  • sink, fixtures
  • light fixtures
  • ceiling fans
  • Baseboards spray and wipe and use brush where needed
  • Wipe out corners of the floor for crumbs
  • Floor boards (located at the bottom of the cabinets in between floor and bottom of the bottom cabinets)
  • Light switch plates
  • Sliding doors and door tracks
  • storm door glass
  • Window Glass/locks/frame/sills
  • door frames and trim around and on top of the door frames
  • wipe off the panels of doors and around handles for fingerprints
  • Vent Covers
  • Kitchen floors
  • Vacuum/mop/scrub spot check by hand any hard on food or dirt that wont come up with the mop
    • Toilet
    • Interior/exterior vanity cabinets and interior/exterior medicine cabinet
    • Sink/drain/faucet
    • Baseboards
    • Shower/tub
    • Bathroom window
    • Dust of exterior exhaust fan cover
    • Bathroom floor vacuumed and scrubbed out by by hand especially the corners from hair and dirt
    • exhaust fan/vent cover

    • Outside washer/dryer
    • Dryer vent
    • Cobwebs around room
    • Shelves
    • Baseboards
    • Vacuum/mop floors

    The Rest of the house
    • Blinds
    • Windows
    • Baseboards spray and wipe, use brush where needed
    • Light switch plates
    • Trim around door frames
    • Door panels/fingerprints around door handles
    • Ceiling fans
    • Vacuum/mop floor

      Go around house with a duster and get all cobwebs!!